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The Dresden Trust is a British charity dedicated to healing the wounds of war and furthering harmonious relations between the people of Britain and the German city of Dresden in Saxony, one of the greatest centres of European culture.

Founded in 1993 by Dr Alan Russell, it was a response to the 'Call from Dresden' to help rebuild the city, in particular the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) which was destroyed by the British and American bombing in February 1945.

With HRH The Duke of Kent as its Royal Patron and a high visibility campaign, the Trust raised over £1 million. It commissioned a Golden Orb and Cross by goldsmith Alan Smith at Grant Macdonald in the UK. His father Frank was one of the pilots who bombed Dresden in 1945. The Orb and Cross now stand atop the cupola of the Frauenkirche as a symbol of enduring friendship.

The Dresden Trust also fulfils its mission of furthering reconciliation through educational and cultural initiatives, memorials and visits.

The Dresden Trust as a vibrant organisation with a forward-looking Board of Trustees and distinguished Patrons is open to new ideas and projects to further its aims.


Marcus Ferrar, Chairman of The Dresden Trust, addresses students at his old school, the King’s School Worcester

Marcus Ferrar, Chairman of The Dresden Trust, addresses students at his old school, the King’s School Worcester, on the destruction of Dresden and the path to reconciliatio

Facing the past to liberate the present | Angela Findlay | TEDxStroud

‘FACING THE PAST TO CREATE A FAIRER FUTURE Is the past really over, done, past? Both psychology and science are increasingly revealing mechanisms by which the unresolved issues from one…

Porcelain: Poem on the Downfall of my City by Durs Grünbein a new translation into English

Durs Grünbein, the acclaimed German poet, presents in his volume “Porcelain: Poem on the Downfall of my City” a unique lyrical engagement with the legacy of Dresden’s annihilation on 13th…

Charitable Bequest

Ex-RAF Clergyman Bequeaths £10,000 to Dresden Trust In November 2020, a letter reached The Dresden Trust advising that a late Reverend A.W.S. Brown had bequeathed it £10,000. Wondering who he…

2021 – The Dresden Trust remembers

Personal messages from the Trustees. On 13th/14th February 1945, the historical centre of Dresden was destroyed by British and American bombing.

27 January 2021: Remembering Jewish victims in Dresden

27 January 2021: Remembering Jewish victims in Dresden: Interview with Dr Herbert Lappe of the Jewish community in Dresden. Liebe Mitstreiter und an der Geschichte der Juden Interessierte Anlässlich des Gedenktages…

DT Trustee Ruediger Goerner in the Frankfurter Rundschau on 28th December

Görner, Schwellenworte

Kokoschka – by Rüdiger Görner of the Dresden Trust

A new book on the painter Oskar Kokoschka, hailed as “a revelatory new biography” has just appeared in English translation. It is written by Professor Rüdiger Görner, Professor of German…

Prince Charles attends Germany’s National day of Mourning

Britain’s Prince Charles for the first time took part in Germany’s National Day of Mourning for victims of war on 15th November 2020. Two years earlier, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier…

85th Birthday wishes to HRH the Duke of Kent Royal, patron of the Dresden Trust

The Dresden Trust congratulated HRH The Duke of Kent, the Trust’s Royal Patron, on his 85th birthday on 6th October 2020. In a letter, Chairman Marcus Ferrar wrote: “For many…


Personal messages from the Trustees remembering the 13th & 14th February 1945 when the historical centre of Dresden was destroyed by British and American bombing.


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