Victor Gregg : Survivor of the Dresden Raids

img_0707-1Victor Gregg is a legend in his own (long) life-time as the only British survivor of the RAF/USAF bombing raids in February 1945 which destroyed Dresden, where he was a prisoner of war.Since those harrowing days he has been a forthright advocate of Anglo-German friendship and a great supporter of the work of the Dresden Trust. A few days before his 97th birthday in October 2016, Trust chairman Eveline Eaton and her fellow trustee David Woodhead marked Victor’s connection with the Trust by taking him and his wife Bett for a pub lunch near their home in Hampshire.

It also coincided with the appearance of the paperback edition of Victor’s third book – Soldier, Spy: A Survivor’s Tale (published by Bloomsbury) – in which he describes his troubled post-war adjustment to civilian life and “tells the story of one ordinary man who went on to lead the most extraordinary life”.

In previous books he has recounted his inter-war childhood (in King’s Cross Kid) and his wartime experiences as a member of the Rifle Brigade and Parachute Regiment as well as post-war tales (in Rifleman: A Front-line Life from Alamein and Dresden to the Fall of the Berlin Wall) in which the shocking results of the Dresden firestorm are vividly described.

There us a recent interview with Victor Gregg available in German here from the Süddeutsche Zeitung

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