Victor Gregg in Dresden for the commemoration of the bombing 12th and 13th February 2018

Victor Gregg with TV journalist and historian Dan Snow in Dresden

British veteran survivor of the bombing  Victor Gregg aged 98 traveled with his grandson to Dresden to take part in an event at the Military Museum as well as to be filmed. He received a warm welcome and wrote in an email to the chair of the Dresden Trust  ” I had an absolutely overwhelming reception at all the events in Dresden. The audience on the  Monday evening gave me an overpowering applause which was followed by a session of questions from the audience and then everyone retired to a large hall where drinks and light refreshments were served ,again I had to go through the hand shaking and hugs from the ladies, especially the elder of the throng, in short it all turned out a resounding success. I must admit to being overcome with emotion. Now I am sitting back resting and recovering,,, The German army officer in charge took it upon himself to get an army driver to drive us back to Berlin. I’m certain that you would have been totally enthralled if you had been present . I go there feeling guilty by association and left feeling completely humbled by the power of forgiveness.” There us a link  here to the German Radio coverage of the event.

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