UK Students - How to apply

Our scholarships are for suitably qualified pupils in schools which participate in the British-German Association's Youthbridge Scheme. Teachers in these schools are therefore invited to encourage and nominate suitable candidates.

The scholarships will cover:

  • reasonable travel costs between the UK and Dresden.
  • a substantial contribution towards pupils' living costs while they are away.
  • accommodation with the families of pupils at the school.

Suitable candidates will, at the start of their stay in Dresden, be:

  • English native speakers resident in the UK and aged between 17-19
  • studying, or have just completed, German at A-level or equivalent (such as Pre-U, IB or Scottish Highers) and likely to achieve a high grade.
  • engaged, committed pupils who will benefit from a stay of up to 6 weeks in Dresden.
Dresden, Saxony / Germany - 3 September 2020: the Semperoper building in Dresden with the Quadriga above the entrance

Applicants are asked to provide:

  • a CV, briefly setting out their school record and personal interests
  • a letter explaining why they are applying for a scholarship and how they expect to benefit from the experience.
  • a brief reference from their language teacher or head teacher, and with an indication that their application has the support of their parents.

Because the academic year in Saxony often begins earlier than in the UK, it is likely that the scholarships will be taken up between early August and the end of September. However, arrangements can be tailored to suit individual applicants.

Teachers who identify a likely applicant are asked in the first instance to contact Mr. Paul Stocker, who organises both the Youthbridge Scheme and the Dresden Scholarships.

Email: or Phone: 07964 275 888.

He may wish to speak to the applicant if this can be arranged.