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The Dresden Trust is a British charity dedicated to healing the wounds of war and furthering harmonious relations between the people of Britain and the German city of Dresden in Saxony, one of the greatest centres of European culture.

Founded in 1993 by Dr Alan Russell, it was a response to the 'Call from Dresden' to help rebuild the city, in particular the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) which was destroyed by the British and American bombing in February 1945.

With HRH The Duke of Kent as its Royal Patron and a high visibility campaign, the Trust raised over £1 million. It commissioned a Golden Orb and Cross by goldsmith Alan Smith at Grant Macdonald in the UK. His father Frank was one of the pilots who bombed Dresden in 1945. The Orb and Cross now stand atop the cupola of the Frauenkirche as a symbol of enduring friendship.

The Dresden Trust also fulfils its mission of furthering reconciliation through educational and cultural initiatives, memorials and visits.

The Dresden Trust as a vibrant organisation with a forward-looking Board of Trustees and distinguished Patrons is open to new ideas and projects to further its aims.



Building back better? Bombed Dresden will never be the same again. Katja Hoyer

Building back better? Bombed Dresden will never be the same again. Katja Hoyer, Historian and Author   If you ask your average person on the street to name a city…


An article in The Times Literary Supplement by Rüdiger Görner

Dresden’s March of the Marionettes – Sinclair McKay

Hosted by Queen Mary, University of London. On the night of Feb 13th 1945, in the final weeks of WW2, the baroque city of Dresden was destroyed. Incendiary explosives dropped…

Unselige Inseln? Mein seltsamer Abschied von Britannien nach mehr als vierzig Jahren | Rüdiger Görner

An article in Bilder Und Zeiten by Rüdiger Görner

In My Grandfather’s Shadow: How can we deal with a difficult past? Angela Findlay

Anglo-German author, artist and lecturer, Angela Findlay, presents her recently published book, In My Grandfather’s Shadow / Im Schatten meines Großvaters. Based on the experiences of her Wehrmacht general grandfather…

War and Peace: A Century of British-German Relations

The Dresden Trust and National Army Museum explore Britain’s relationship with Germany. In collaboration with the National Army Museum, The Dresden Trust will host a symposium of short talks exploring…

New Blog by Angela Findlay

TRUSTEE ANGELA FINDLAY RELEASES NEW BLOG Trustee, author and speaker Angela Findlay released a new blog to coincide with the 78th anniversary of Dresden’s bombing in Feburary 2023.  You can…

Dresden and the Landscape of Remembrance With Sinclair McKay, Tue, 18 October 2022, 18:30 – 19:30 BST

Hosted by Queen Mary ,University of London. On the night of Feb 13th 1945, in the final weeks of WW2, the baroque city of Dresden was destroyed. Incendiary explosives dropped…

Queen Elizabeth II – a message from The Dresden Trust

The Trustees of The Dresden Trust are deeply saddened at the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who contributed significantly to postwar reconciliation and friendship between Britain and Dresden.…

“IN MY GRANDFATHER’S SHADOW” by ANGELA FINDLAY Published by Penguin Transworld and Bantam Press, July 2022

REVIEW by Marcus Ferrar, author of “A Foot in Both Camps: a German Past for Better and for Worse” and Chair of the Dresden Trust.


Anlässlich der Gedenkfeier am 13. und 14. Februar 2022 sendet die Dresden Trust herzliche Grüße an die Dresdnerinnen und Dresdner.

Trotz der Pandemie-Einschränkungen der vergangenen zwei Jahre fördern wir weiterhin Schüleraustausche zwischen Dresden und Großbritannien. Diejenige, die Dresden besuchen, sprechen begeistert von lebensverändernden Erfahrungen.

Wir danken den Dresdner Familien und dem St. Benno-Gymnaisum herzlich, dass sie dies ermöglicht haben. Wir setzen uns weiterhin dafür ein, aus Versöhnung dauerhafte Freundschaft zu machen, und hoffen, in naher Zukunft wieder mehr persönliche Kontakte zu knüpfen.

Anniversary Events 2023

It's been a busy time for our Trustees this February! All of our team have been attending commemorative and friendship events in both Dresden and London. Read more here

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