Charitable Bequest

Ex-RAF Clergyman Bequeaths £10,000 to Dresden Trust

In November 2020, a letter reached The Dresden Trust advising that a late Reverend A.W.S. Brown had bequeathed it £10,000. Wondering who he was, we asked a retired Trustee to research. It turned out that the Reverend Brown had contributed an essay to a series entitled “Why Dresden” published by the Trust in 2002.

In it, he recalled having been an RAF trainee in February 1945, and later serving in RAF Headquarters Reserve Command. He remembered the attack as an “atrocity” and “the massacre of thousands of defenceless civilians.” He joined The Dresden Trust 50 years later after having seen an exhibition it mounted.

“We are most touched that his humane sentiments have found the form of a bequest to the Trust,” Chairman Marcus Ferrar commented. “We will put it to good use sponsoring visits to Dresden by British schoolchildren, for which demand has increased sharply this year.”